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MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012

Ready for a change

  So today I wanna talk about something iv'e been putting off for a very long time!  Loosing some dang weight!!!  I have 6 awesome kids ages 16,15,13, twins that are 12 and..........drumroll please........My  little baby Wyatt who just turned one.  My little sweet caboose!  I am so surprised how much harder it is to get the weight off at 38 years old than it was at 26. although...I will be honest and say that I have not really put in the effort.  There is a 12 year gap between my 5 older kids and my little Wyatt so I am starting all over again with the baby thing and the weight is NOT MOVING!!!
   My weight has always been up and down, but back a few years ago I stayed in really good shape for quite some time.  Running 5 plus miles a day, swiming, lifting, and most of all, feeling great!  I miss that healthy feeling so much.  I miss what it did for my mind and my energy.  My quality of life was much better,  my marriage was better, my career was better, my self esteem was much better and my emotions were much more stable.  Our health effects so much more of our lives than we sometimes realize.  Having experienced both sides, I'm telling you....being healthy is worth the work! is the day that I have no more excuses.  I want to always be honest in my blog so   I am saying it out loud now......I am loosing 100 pounds by april 1st 2013!!!!!!!!!  I am going to be brave and tell you that right now I weigh 219 lbs.  It's the very heaviest I have ever been.  I have been struggling with depression, anxiety, health issues etc. because of it.  I've decided its time!  I want my life back!
    During the coarse of this blog we will be making and reaching many goals in many areas if you stick with me.  Remember...the whole point of starting this blog was to help each other have the kind of life we truly want, deserve and need in order to be happy.  I'm being honest in it because I want you to know that I understand how hard it it because I have BEEN THERE!!   I know from experience that being fit feels amazing and it greatly enhances your life inside and out.  It can also be a huge spiritual experience if you let it be.  You learn alot about yourself when you challenge yourself.
  So each week I'm going to set two goals that have to do with helping me achieve my weight loss.  Write me and tell me what yours are so we can inspire each other!  We can do it!  On April 1st I will post my before and after, and I would love if some of you would do the same when you reach yours!  Make sure you reward yourself at the end of every week for reaching your goals!!!!!

                                          Here is a picture of me when I was fit and healthy

This is the only picture I could find of me now.  Just picture me minus the baby belly.

Anyway....lets all kick it in gear and be the weight that we know is right for us!  For me, it was the picture above.  Now that was 4 years ago, but I know I can do it again and so can you!  Cant wait to see everyones progress.  Here's to being sweaty, ornery, tired, sore,  AND PROUD!!!
Goals for this week! June 25th-July 2nd

1. Do 30 minuets of cardio everyday
2. Drink 60 ounces of water each day

What are yours??

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