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So this week I have been working on something new and fun for my boutique.  The Muffincup Boutique.  I love those old distressed looking signs in a home.  But....I like them to be a little different than the typical ones you see around.  I found some old cabinet doors at the DI and thought to myself...hmmmm I could make something  cool outta that!  Any old piece of wood or metal would work.    
All you need is: 
        *Scrap piece of wood
        *Spray paint
        *sand paper
        *distressing tools (I use a smooth edge little knife.  Works great!)
        *Acrylic paints
        *spray shellac for primer
        *antiquing glaze
        *Polyurathane or wax to seal the finished product

This one I did for a kitchen or a dining room.

Get creative.....the less perfect it is the better!

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