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My favorite things!!

Anybody that knows me well knows that I a very curious creature.  Today I decided to share some of my very favorite things that I've found over the years from being well...CURIOUS!!!

First, since we're still in the middle of this hot  summer, I thought my first review would be on my very favorite tanning lotion.  Self tanner that is.  At my age, any little drop of sun gives me ugly age spots and a blotchy face.  And I'm not sure about how you all feel, but as I grow older, I dont wanna end up looking like a piece of jerky because of tanning beds and sun!  That being said, I have a beautiful aunt that I have always looked up too.  She looks amazing and always has this beautiful tan on her legs yet I knew she didn't tan.  One day while I was doing her hair I asked her how she always managed to have a great tan.  She told me her secret!!!  It's called "SUN ultra dark self tanning lotion".  
So of coarse I went out and bought it and tried it out.  AMAZING!!!!  The best part about it is that it looks like a real tan!  Not that orange disgusting looking stuff that smells like crap.  This stuff smells great and looks beautiful!  And the bonus....No age spots, extra wrinkles, or jerky looking skin!! Trust me...this stuff is fantastic.  We are not cursed to be bright white after all!  YEAH!!!!!Here is the link! 

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