Thursday, November 14, 2013

Any Critics?

Any Critics?

The events of the past weekend have stirred up a lot of emotions and deep thought in me.  To the point that I just had to get it out!  It has been consuming me to tears and lack of sleep.  It is a subject that I am passionate about to my very core!   I am talking about how critical we are of one another.  ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!  It seems everything we do these days is a competition in some way.  All of us scrambling to see if we can “one up” the other.  To the point that I believe we have lost ourselves completely.  We live in a world where it seems very few dare to stand out and be who they truly are.    Now...I get that nobody likes criticism...that’s my very point!  WHY do we do to each other, the very thing we despise that people do to us?  Think about it.  I have been!   So I’m going to play a little game with you...It’s called “Imagine a world”.  

Lets all of us imagine a world where it was admired and respected to be ones true self.  To express ones self in its purest form in every way.  Think of how many artists there would be, and how different their work would look like from one another.  How different singers would sing or write music if they just did what ever they wanted and felt, knowing there were no critics.  How different would people act?  How different would you dress or even cut your hair if you had no worries about what people were going to say?  How different would your personality be?  Would you even like different music?  Different food?  How many of us out there are always seeking the approval of others in everything we do?   And YES...I mean EVERYTHING!  I would dare say ninety percent or more of us don’t have a clue who we truly are inside,  and even if we did, we are too afraid to show it because of the brutal criticism that is all around us.  Look at Facebook and Twitter and all the other social media outlets where people seem like they are screaming at the top of their lungs....”Validate me!!!!!  PLEASE!!!”  I’m sure there is someone critiquing my grammer as they are reading this very post.  haha.  

   Imagine having NO FEAR of what others thought.  Imagine how creative you would dare to be if you didn’t care about opinions.  People wouldn’t be out there trying to “one up” each other.  Instead....their goal would be to be themselves, and to truly admire others for doing the same!  And if people liked it, great....if not....that was great too!  Imagine that we all had respect for each other no matter what our title, talents, education or skills were!  How wonderful would that be!   We as people are missing out on so much because we do this to each other!   It is my prayer that we all try a little harder to be brave and unique and allow others that same freedom.  Quit judging and critiquing the hell out of each other and start to love and support each other!  We are all equal.  Nobody is better than the other.  Today I am going to be the first to make sure “I” am how i’d like others to be!  Together we can be better and make this world a better place!

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